Hook contexts

The contexts below can be used to change any of the above hooks in a lot of different situations. The syntax of the hook name is:


You can find {context} in the table below and {tag} from the two sections above.

ContextWhen it’s used
homeon the front page of the site
blogon the blog page
singularviewing a singular post/page
singular-{post_type}viewing a singular post of type {post_type}, e.g. singular-page, singular-post etc
singular-{post_type}-{post_id}viewing a singular post of type {post_type} with the ID {post_id}, e.g. singular-post-12
archiveon archive pages
taxonomyon taxonomy archives, i.e. categories and tags
taxonomy-{taxonomy_type}on taxonomy archives of {taxonomy_type}, e.g. taxonomy-post_tag
taxonomy-{taxonomy_type}-{term_slug}on taxonomy archives of {taxonomy_type} for {term_slug}, e.g. taxonomy-post_tag-funny
archive-{post_type}on archives for {post_type}, e.g. archive-page
useron author archives
user-{nicename}on author archives for {nicename}, e.g. user-admin
dateon date archives
yearon year archives
monthon month archives
weekon week archives
dayon day archives
timeon time archives
houron hour archives
minuteon minute archives
searchon search results
error-404on error 404 pages
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