Setting up the contact form

You will need the Quform plugin installed to use the theme form. We have included one already setup a contact form for you to use, but you will need to import it first.

Importing the form configuration

In the package downloaded from ThemeForest you will find one file in the resources/forms/ folder, this contains the form configuration data.


To import the form, go to Quform → Import on the WordPress menu. Copy and paste the content from the text file and paste it into the text box on the page and click Import.

Set up the recipients of the email

The Quform plugin will send submitted form data to an email address, as well as save the data in your WordPress database. You will need to configure the recipient email address(es), to do this go to Quform → Forms, hover over the form in the list and click Edit. In the form builder, go to Settings → Email, and enter your email address in the Recipients field. You can also access the submitted form data inside WordPress by going to Quform → Entries on the WordPress menu.

For help in using the Quform plugin you can browse through the settings and see the description and tooltips at them. You can also visit the Quform help pages.

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