Changing the footer

Footer left column content

To change the footer left column content, in the theme options panel go to Footer → General and enter your own text or HTML into the box labelled Footer left column content.

Show/hide scroll to top button

To change this, in the theme options panel go to Footer → General and toggle the option “Top” link.

Making the footer fixed or absolute positon

By default the footer is Fixed position (always shown). You can change it to be Absolute position, which will make page content push the footer further down the page. To do this go to Footer → General in the theme options panel and change the option Footer position.

Changing the footer popup boxes

The footer popup boxes section is a widget area, to add a popup box simply add a widget to this area. Go to Appearance → Widgets on the WordPress menu. You will find a widget area named Footer Boxes on the right hand side. Drag a widget into this area. The widget title will determine what text will be shown in the footer for this box.

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