The portfolio shortcode allows you to display portfolio items. The options for this shortcode are shown below.

typelightboxtype="serene"The type of gallery, “lightbox” will display images in a Fancybox lightbox, “serene”
will display image in a full screen gallery
columns3columns="5"The number of columns of posts can be a number 1 to 6 or “grid”
layoutfulllayout="with-sidebar"The layout of the page displaying the portfolio. The image widths will scale accordingly.

  • full – full width page
  • with-sidebar – page with sidebar
  • widget – shortcode is used in a sidebar widget
categories(empty)categories="1,5,12"A comma separated list of category IDs to show posts from
include_children1include_children="0"When using categories, choose whether to also include items in child categories
sortable1sortable="0"Make the portfolio sortable using QuickSand. This will be disabled if paging is on.
sortable_show_all1sortable_show_all="0"Show the “All” filter button
sortable_all_textAllsortable_all_text="Everything"The text for the “All” filter button
paging0paging="1"Portfolio items will be spread over multiple pages, 1 is true 0 is false
max9max="12"Number of portfolio items to show, or posts per page if paging is on, -1 to show all
paged(empty)paged="2"The page to start on, if left blank it will be the first page
orderbymenu_orderorderby="date"How to order the portfolio items

  • none – no specified ordering
  • ID – order by post ID
  • author – order by author
  • title – order by title
  • date – order by date
  • modified – order by date modified
  • parent – order by parent
  • rand – random order
  • comment_count – order by number of comments
  • menu_order – order by menu order setting
orderASCorder="DESC"The direction of above ordering, ASC for ascending, DESC for descending
show_title1show_title="0"Show the title of the portfolio item, 1 is true 0 is false
link_title1link_title="0"Link the portfolio title to the portfolio item page, 1 is true 0 is false
show_description1show_description="0"Show the portfolio item description (excerpt), 1 is true 0 is false
description_length(empty)description_length="40"The length of the excerpt in words
show_read_more1show_read_more="0"Show the “Read More” button below the portfolio item, 1 is true 0 is false
read_more(empty)read_more="Continue Reading"The text for the “Read More” button
height0height="120"Set the image height in pixels, if set to 0 it will be set automatically


[portfolio columns="4" type="serene" categories="7,30" show_title="0" paging="1" max="6"]
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