The menu shortcode allows you to display a list of navigation links. The menu HTML should be between the opening and closing shortcodes. The options for this shortcode are shown below. See examples here.

Option Default Example Description
type (empty) type="menu" Choose to make your own custom HTML menu or choose to use a WordPress Menu you have created.

  • (empty) – custom HTML
  • menu – choose a WordPress Menu
menu (empty) menu="1" If you have chosen to use a WP menu you will need to give the ID or slug of the menu that you want to show.
style button-style-two style="button-style-one" The type of style will determine how it looks and colors used:

  • button-style-one – Button style using theme Primary color
  • button-style-two – Button style using theme Light color
  • separator – Items separated by a vertical line
layout stacked layout="inline" The layout determines the layout of the list items:

  • stacked – One item on each line
  • inline – Items are side by side
levels (empty) levels="two-levels" Choose which depth of sub-menu to show

  • (empty) – Show all
  • one-levels – Show top level only
  • two-levels – Show top and second
  • three-levels – Show top, second and third
grouped 0 grouped="1" Determines if the list items have a gap or are grouped as one block with no gaps.

Example HTML

[menu style="button-style-one" layout="inline"]
    [li][a href=""]Example[/a][/li]
    [li][a href=""]Example[/a][/li]

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