Using the Info Menu

Info Menu

Theme Options → Components → InfoMenu

This is an icon-based clickable menu where you can build in various dynamic content via shortcodes and widgets or via our preset options, such as: forms, search bar, location map, video and more. The content section can be displayed in two ways, “Pop Out” or “Slide Out”, giving it various content usage depending on the function you choose.


Color palettes can be applied to the content area of the Info Menu in Theme Options → Colors → Info Menu → Select a Palette for this area.

Image: the example shown in the image is the Search field option used in a “Pop Out” content area style.

Pop Out width

In InfoMenu → Pop out width , you can choose a width for the Info Menu content area when used in Pop Out mode. If you click the Larger Screens tab, you can set a new (larger) width for larger screens.

Buttons Style

In InfoMenu → Buttons Style , you can choose from 3 button styles for the menu icons to be displayed.

When to convert Pop Out type to Slide Out

InfoMenu → When to convert pop out type to slide out. As the Pop Out style of content area may not display well on smaller devices, you can choose when to swap from the Pop Out style to the more device-friendly Slide Out option.

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