The menu shortcode allows you to display a list of navigation links. The menu HTML should be between the opening and closing shortcodes. The options for this shortcode are shown below. See examples here.

type(empty)type="menu"Choose to make your own custom HTML menu or choose to use a WordPress Menu you have created.

  • (empty) – custom HTML
  • menu – choose a WordPress Menu
menu(empty)menu="1"If you have chosen to use a WP menu you will need to give the ID or slug of the menu that you want to show.
stylebutton-style-twostyle="button-style-one"The type of style will determine how it looks and colors used:

  • button-style-one – Button style using theme Primary color
  • button-style-two – Button style using theme Light color
  • separator – Items separated by a vertical line
layoutstackedlayout="inline"The layout determines the layout of the list items:

  • stacked – One item on each line
  • inline – Items are side by side
levels(empty)levels="two-levels"Choose which depth of sub-menu to show

  • (empty) – Show all
  • one-levels – Show top level only
  • two-levels – Show top and second
  • three-levels – Show top, second and third
grouped0grouped="1"Determines if the list items have a gap or are grouped as one block with no gaps.

Example HTML

[menu style="button-style-one" layout="inline"]
    [li][a href=""]Example[/a][/li]
    [li][a href=""]Example[/a][/li]
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