Top Header navigation

Top Header navigation

Choose a WP Menu

You will need to create a WP Menu in Appearance → Menus → Create a new menu. Remember to assign the new Menu to the Top Header theme location. Appearance → Menus → Menu Settings → Theme locations → Top Header. More info here.

Add a Menu description

First you need to add the text for the description. Go to: Appearance → Menus → Menu Structure → (toggle open menu item) → Description*. Add the description text in the field provided.

* If Description field is not visible, you can switch it on in Appearance → Menus → Screen Options (Top right of page) → Description. Tick the box to show the Description field.

How to display the Description

In Theme Options → Global → Navigation → Navigation styles → Navigation style → Description type, you can choose from either a hover description or a line of text under the menu link.

Menu styles

Go to: Theme Options → Global → Navigation → Navigation styles → Navigation style → Top Header nav. Here you can choose from a variety of styling options for the Menu.

Add Color

Go to: Theme Options → Design → Color → Top Header. More info

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