Using the Post SMTP plugin to send emails via SMTP

Install and activate the Post SMTP plugin.

On the WordPress menu go to Post SMTP → Post SMTP and click Show all settings.

Post SMTP Show All Settings

At the Transport Type option choose SMTP.

Post SMTP choose Type: SMTP

Enter the details of the SMTP server.

Post SMTP SMTP settings

Now go to the Message tab and enter a “From” email address, we recommend that this is set to the same email address as the Envelope-From Email Address you entered in the SMTP settings.

Post SMTP set From address

Now click Save Changes.

Post SMTP Save Changes

Next click Send a Test Email.

Post SMTP click Send a Test Email

Enter your email address into the field and click Next.

Post SMTP test email recipient

If all goes well the test email should succeed, check your email inbox to make sure the test email arrived.

Post SMTP test email success

The Quform plugin will now use these settings to send email.


Test email failed

Adjust the SMTP settings and send a test email again until it works.

Forms still not sending email

Go to Post SMTP → Email Log and check the log for the missing messages. If an email failed to send there will be a log entry there with more information.

Common SMTP server settings


Outgoing Mail Server
Outgoing Mail Server Port587
Envelope-From Email
PasswordYour Gmail password
“From” email

You may need to enable the Allow less secure apps option in your Gmail account, see for more information.

GoDaddy web server

Outgoing Mail Server Hostnamelocalhost
Outgoing Mail Server Port25
Envelope-From Email*
“From” email*

* Set this to an existing email address with the same domain as the website.

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