Our Zapier add-on allows you to connect your Quform forms with thousands of other other apps through Zapier.

Step 1

Install and activate the Quform Zapier plugin by going Plugins → Add New on the WordPress menu and entering quform zapier in the search field.

Install the Quform Zapier plugin

Step 2

Log in to Zapier and click Make a Zap!.

Click Make a Zap

At the Choose a Trigger App page, search for webhooks and choose Webhooks by Zapier.

Choose Webhooks by Zapier

At the Select Webhooks by Zapier Trigger page, click Catch Hook then Save + Continue.

Select Catch Hook then Save and Continue

Finally, click Copy to copy the Webhook URL.

Copy the Webhook URL

Step 3

Now, go back to WordPress and go to Forms → Zapier then click Add Integration.

Go to Forms Zapier and click Add Integration

Enter a name for the integration then click Add Integration.

Enter an integration name and click Add Integration

At the Form option, choose the form that will trigger this integration and paste in the Webhook URL from Step 2.

Choose the form and paste the Webhook URL

Configure any other options as needed, then Save the integration.

Step 4

The form needs to be submitted once, to send sample data to Zapier. Go to the page on your site containing the form, and enter sample data into every field then submit the form.

Submit the form with sample data

Now, go back to Zapier and click Ok, I did this.

Click Ok I did this

Check the data by expanding Hook A, then click Continue.

Check the hook data and click Continue

The final step is to add an action to the Zap. Click the Add one now! link to continue.

Click the link to add an action

Then choose which app you would like to integrate with and follow the process within Zapier.

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