The tooltip is a small popup containing text, shown when the user interacts with the element.

Setting the tooltip text

Date → Settings

The text specified in the Tooltip text field will be displayed as a tooltip when the user hovers over the form element.

Changing the tooltip style

Settings → Style → Tooltips

See Style settings → Tooltips.

Tooltip trigger

Date → Settings → Optional

The Help icon is the only tooltip trigger option for the Date element.

Tooltip event

Date → Settings → Optional

Choose the event that will trigger the tooltip to show. The Hover event means that the tooltip will be shown when the user hovers the Help icon with the mouse. The Click event means the tooltip will be shown when the user clicks the Help icon. Inherit means that the setting will be inherited from the global tooltip settings or parent group settings.

Disabling tooltips

Settings → Style → Tooltips

Untick Enable tooltips to disable tooltips.

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