This documentation page is for Quform version 1 and may not be applicable for Quform 2 click here to visit the documentation for Quform 2.

Full PayPal integration is not part of the plugin yet, though we are hoping to add this in a future version or as an addon. For now, you can set up Quform to submit a (hidden) “Buy Now” button which will send the user to PayPal after submitting the form successfully for them to make a fixed price payment. There will be no integration between Quform and the transactions, so they’ll need to be tracked manually.

Step 1

Add the following code to the page that should contain your form, add it in the Text (or HTML) tab of the WordPress page editor.

[iphorm id="1" name="My PayPal form"]<div id="paypal-form" style="display: none;">
[iphorm id="1" name="My PayPal form"]
<div id="paypal-form" style="display: none;">

Modify the above code as follows.

  • On line 1, replace the Quform shortcode with the shortcode for your form
  • On line 3, replace PAYPAL_BUTTON_CODE with the code for your PayPal “Buy Now” button, which you can get from PayPal after creating the button

Step 2

Edit the Quform form that you inserted in Step 1, and go to Settings → General → Successful submit options. Make sure the setting On successful submit is set to Display a message and at the setting Message, add the following code below the existing message text.

<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery('#paypal-form form').submit();
<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery('#paypal-form form').submit();
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