Autoreply settings

This documentation page is for Quform version 1 and may not be applicable for Quform 2 click here to visit the documentation for Quform 2.

Send autoreply email

Tick this box to send an autoreply to the form submitter. You’ll need at least one Email Address element in your form so the script knows who to send the autoreply email to. You can specify this in the setting below.

Recipient element

Choose the Email element from the form that you would like the autoreply email to be sent to. That is, it will be sent to the email address in this field when the form is submitted.

Email subject

Specify the subject of the autoreply email, you can also insert variable data such as a submitted form value using the Insert variable… dropdown menu.

Email content

Enter the desired content of the email inside the large box. You can switch the email format to HTML or plain text. In HTML format you are free to enter any HTML and this will be rendered inside the email in a similar manner to HTML on a website. You can enter new lines using the <br /> tag for example.

In Plain text format what you type is what you will see in the email, to enter a new line just press enter, HTML formatting will not work (the HTML tags will be visible in the email text).

You can also enter variable data such as the data or time the form was submitted, the user’s IP and more. To enter a submitted form value, choose the element from under the Submitted form value group inside the Insert variable… dropdown menu.

“From” address

Static email address

Specify the email address and optionally the name of the sender of the email, this will appear next to the email in the inbox. Note: some hosting companies require that the “From” address is an email address that is associated with a domain in your hosting account, bear that in mind if you are having problems with receiving emails.

Submitted email address

You can also choose to have the From address set to the submitted value of an Email field in your form. You will need to have at least one Email element in your form. Choose the element that you want the submitted value to be set as the From address.

Warning: some hosting companies require that the “From” address is an email address that is associated with a domain in your hosting account. If you set this to a user submitted value, your host may block the emails being sent. Test it thoroughly with email addresses not associated with your hosting account to make sure that all emails will be received correctly.

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